Chemical & Mechanical Properties of Rail Steel Angles

Chemical & Mechanical Properties of Rail Steel Angles

Jersey Shore Steel Company manufactures rail steel angles rerolled from railroad rails as per ASTM specification A499-15*. Rail steel is not supplied with specific mechanical (tensile and yield) properties or chemical properties. However, the ASTM A499-15 does provide the following guidelines:

Mechanical—Minimum requirements are set on tensile and yield strength.

Chemical—Chemical properties will be consistent with ASTM A1-92**.

This data is published as a guideline only and does not replace the existing standard specification.


JSS Testing*** ASTM A499-89/Grade 50* ASTM A 1-92**
Tensile 115,000 psi 80,000 psi, min.
Yield 67,000 psi 50,000 psi, min.
Carbon .65 .55-.82
Manganese .82 .60-1.10
Phosphorus .035 .035-.040
Silicon .15 .10-.50
Sulfur .03 .04-.05

*ASTM A499-15 Standard Specification, Steel Bars and Shapes, Carbon, Rolled from “T” Rails, Grade 50.

Jersey Shore Steel Company rail steel angle dimensional specifications meet or exceed commercial standards*.

**ASTM A1-92 Standard Specification for Carbon Steel “T” Rails.

***Results based on independent testing: yield and tensile averages based on 2300 test samples; chemical averages based on 355 samples of random-size rail.

Complete copies of all specifications available upon request. Information subject to change without notice; revised March 2009.

Shipments invoiced per cwt will be based on actual weights. A 1% variation between Jersey Shore Steel Company scales and consignee scales is considered permissible.

Order Quantities
A variance of 10% is considered permissible on rail steel angle orders up to 10 tons. On quantities above 10 tons, a 5% variation is considered permissible.

Jersey Shore Steel Specifications vs. Commercial Specifications

Jersey Shore Steel Specifications Commercial Specifications*
Overall Length ±1/32″ ±1/2″
Leg Length ±1/32″ ±3/64″
Gauge ±0.003″ ±0.010″
Straightness ±1/16″ on 5′ ±1/4″ on 5′

*According to ASTM-A499-15 specification.

Jersey Shore Steel Standard Sizes & Weights

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