Finishing & Fabrication

various angle designs and colors

various angle designs and colors

At Jersey Shore Steel Company, we fabricate and finish over 50,000 tons of rail steel each year. Our rail steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio makes previously impractical designs feasible and cost-effective, and angles can be sheared to precise tolerances to meet any special requirement you may have. To see what we can do for you, take a look at some sample Jersey Shore Steel designs.

Punching Configuration

Your rail steel angles can be cut to meet your specifications, and you may also choose a number of custom options. At Jersey Shore Steel, our state-of-the-art fabrication facility allows us to punch rail steel angles in endless configurations, and you may choose the shape and placement of the hole, slot, or lance that best suits your project needs.

Powder-Coated Finishes

Jersey Shore Steel also offers custom finishing, and all rail steel angles can be finished in your choice of a black, gray, green, or white powder-coated finish. We also offer a custom color option, and we would be glad to discuss additional colors with you (additional colors subject to minimum order requirements).


For rail steel angle applications which require ground installation, Jersey Shore Steel can shape your angles into a pointed end to facilitate smooth entry through hard soil.

Fabricated Angle Applications

Jersey Shore Steel fabricated angles are used for a variety of applications, including fence posts, door supports, sign stands, orchard posts, barricade legs, steel shelving supports , and vineyard stakes . The options don’t stop here, however, and we would be happy to discuss your particular needs. To learn more, e-mail us today or call 800-833-0277 / +1 (570) 753-3000.

Fabrication Capabilities

Jersey Shore Steel Fabrication Division is the place to go to for your rail steel fabrication needs!

Need help with a fabrication concept? Using CAD programming, we can make your sketch or idea come to life! Have an existing print that needs to be modified? We can help!

To learn more about our custom fabrication capabilities and the options available to you, e-mail us today or call 800-833-0277 to speak to one of our representatives.