Rail Steel from Jersey Shore Steel Company

Rail Steel from Jersey Shore Steel Company

machineAn industry leader since 1938, Jersey Shore Steel Company upgraded the production facility in the year 2000 to combine our decades of expertise with the world’s most current technology. The new facility has produced dramatic improvements in productivity, efficiency and product quality. The upgrade has also increased the range of rail sizes we can process efficiently.

The World’s Most Current Technology

At Jersey Shore Steel we understand that technology moves at an accelerated pace. “State-of-the-art” today becomes old relatively quickly. At Jersey Shore Steel Company (JSS), we are constantly engaged in a program of continuous improvement. The mill control system designed and equipped with Danieli Automation and Bricmont furnace systems in year 2000 has already undergone two (2) major upgrades in 2007 and 2011. Recently, JSS started yet another upgrade to replace the controls and computer systems.

Computer-Controlled Rolling Process

Computers control every aspect of our rolling process and operations. The computers are monitoring and responding to “real-time” changes in milliseconds. Parameters are able to be reviewed hundreds of times per second and product is managed to maximize yield. Recordings are available to maintain traceability and pin-point problems for subsequent root-cause analysis that is a benefit to assist in continuous improvement. The computers control all facets of operation from the re-heat furnace to the finishing end of the mill. Laser technology is employed to measure all product section profiles to ensure conformance to critical tolerances. The entire process in monitored and controlled from a control tower (pulpit) using information relayed by computers based on thousands of signals collected from field sensors, cameras and visual oversight. We are also able to access this information remotely to empower engineers to troubleshoot and respond to situations regardless of their geographical location. This helps assure reliability 24/7.

Precise Angles & High-Quality Surface Finish

At the center of the Jersey Shore Steel rolling process are hardened steel rolls made on CNC-controlled precision lathes which emphasize and maintain roll finish and profile. Mounted in horizontal and vertical mill stands, these rolls gradually shape and finish rail sections into precise rail steel angles with a high-quality surface finish.

People Who Know Rail Steel

Now in our third generation of family ownership, Jersey Shore Steel Company has over 80 years of experience producing high-strength rail steel. Close to 225 employees remain the core of our business, and many of our staff members have been with us for decades. Their commitment to quality is a huge contributor to our success, and we thank them for helping us set a new standard of service for our customers around the world.