Sobre Jersey Shore Steel Company

Sobre Jersey Shore Steel Company

At Jersey Shore Steel Company, we turn the world’s strongest rail steel into the industry’s toughest steel angles. Rerolled to become even denser than its original form, rail steel from Jersey Shore Steel provides an array of industries with the ability to gain more performance from less product—and save a substantial amount of money.

More Performance from Less Material

Jersey Shore Steel rail steel allows our customers to use smaller angles sizes and lighter gauges to achieve the same results as they would with larger pieces of other steels. This means less material, less weight, and ultimately less cost. And, because we can shear, fabricate, and finish your rail steel angles to your exact specifications, Jersey Shore Steel can also save you money by keeping manufacturing costs under one roof.

Cutting-Edge Production Technology

Jersey Shore Steel has been in business for over 80 years, and we’ve never stopped evolving in order to meet the changing needs of our industry. Today, a state-of-the-art production facility allows us to process an unprecedented range of rail sizes, and our computer-controlled rolling process means we can produce higher-quality angle at a faster rate than ever before. In addition, our new plant technology has greatly extended our worldwide access to raw material.

Personal Service

At Jersey Shore Steel, we’ve taken a hands-on approach to doing business since we opened our doors in 1938. Our highly trained sales staff knows our product inside and out, and our company representatives specialize in making sure you get the most from your investment in Jersey Shore Steel. To learn more, e-mail us today. Or, if you’d like to speak directly to a Jersey Shore Steel representative, please call 800-833-0277 or +1 (570) 753-3000.

Made in the USA

Jersey Shore Steel is a privately owned company in North Central Pennsylvania providing family sustaining wages to dedicated, hard working employees since 1938. Great furniture and other steel components start with great steel and we firmly believe and adhere to values that employ American people to maximize opportunities to put Americans to work to support a strong domestic manufacturing industry. Our goals as a country should be to preserve and create jobs in America. This should be our economic policy not just a political slogan. Let us work together to bring the greenest and strongest steel together for your products.