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2014 Top 100 People of Central PA!
Jcrossbars in a vineyard in Ariquipa, Peru...Feb. 2015
JSS cross rails used in a vineyard in Cali, Colombia, South America. Feb 2015
Vineyard in Santa Cruz, Chile, South America. Feb 2015
Past and present at Jersey Shore Steel Company
Johnson Press
Spark testing. Photo used with permisission from BC/BS
Tower. Photo used with permission-BC/BS
Sun rays streaming through the shop floor windows

Welcome to Jersey Shore Steel: Green Steel Manufacturer of Rail Angles

JERSEY SHORE STEEL -- Genuine Green Steel


At Jersey Shore Steel, we manufacture high-strength rail steel angles from re-rolled T-rails for a number of products. Rail steel’s high carbon content makes it stronger than many other steel products. Once reheated and re-rolled, the T-rail’s dense grain structure becomes even denser resulting in exceptional tensile and yield properties for strength and durability. This high strength-to-weight ratio provides the same performance with less material in comparison to other steel products at a heavier gauge. This yields more pieces per ton reducing material costs as well as handling and shipping costs. Jersey Shore Steel’s state-of-the-art rolling mill is a computer controlled rolling process that assures both product quality and production efficiency. Essentially, Jersey Shore Steel Company offers a higher performance product at a lower cost making Jersey Shore Steel a solid choice!


* Some photos used throughout the Jersey Shore Steel website are by Mark Nance, Williamsport Sun-Gazette.  Used by permission, Williamsport Sun- Gazette.  Photos copyright Williamsport Sun-Gazette. *  


May 2013-Bruster's Ice Cream at our Fabrication Division; another celebration event for our 75th!
May 2013-Park Pizza-one of the many events we had to celebrate our 75th Anniversary
Upclose of the Johnson Press at our Fabrication Division. Phto courtesy of Eric Stashac
The Johnson Press at JSS Fabrication Division
Roll shop
Jack Schultz, CEO & Pres of JSS
Monitoring the computer-controlled furnace which runs on landfill gas (LFG)
Shop floor

Jersey Shore Steel Quality

Jersey Shore Steel is committed to being a supplier of choice by providing excellence in products and services, meeting or exceeding all customer requirements.

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